In Search of the Perfect Gift

“What gift could we offer?” Whether you are looking for a unique gift to thank your clients for their loyalty, to celebrate an event or a launch, to invite them to discover a product, to reaffirm your identity, bolster your reputation, or let your brand universe shine, this question persistently absorbs you in line with your objectives and the key moments that punctuate your business development and corporate life. Committed to mastering the art of giving, to pleasing while elegantly expressing your expertise, values, and personality, you devote a considerable and increasingly significant amount of time to the quest for the perfect idea, because as the years go by, it requires even more originality and creativity. High-level meetings, gatherings of creative minds, and brainstorming sessions: if the perfect idea sometimes springs from a stroke of genius, it is much more often the result of a very (too) intense process of reflection. This is why Quintessence Paris has decided to whisper (or scent) its ideas to you - sometimes a bit wild but always fitting - for unique and memorable personalized gifts.

A Scented Object for an Unforgettable Experience

The secret behind Quintessence’s ideas? They are all scented! For us, it is the best way to make your gifts unforgettable, turning the art of giving into an olfactory experience that evokes emotions, transcends time, and makes memories dance.

It is impossible not to mention here Marcel Proust, who better than anyone expresses the power of scents: “When from a distant past nothing subsists (...), only (...) the scent and the taste remain for a long time, like souls, to remember, to wait, to hope, to bear unfalteringly, (...) the immense edifice of memory.”

You now know what you need to do to impress your clients, surprise them, and move them: scent your projects, associate your brand identity with a unique fragrance, and weave bonds with an indelible trail!

An Olfactory Signature to Apply to the Object of Your Choice

Scent a project, alright! But what else?

We warned you, now it's time to be a little crazy! We scent everything, well almost everything. Don’t be afraid to share your boldest ideas with us. Or to ask us for ours, we have a whole bouquet of them!

The essentials: scented candle, miniature bottle, notebook, scented ceramic…

The daring: pouch, fan, scented paper (a spray and the image appears, as if by magic)...

The extraordinary: do you have an even more extravagant idea? We can't wait to take on the challenge!

We will create a custom fragrance for you, to be applied to any type of object, with no limits other than your dreams.

Quintessence Paris Expertise at the Service of Your Custom Project

Composed of renowned perfumers and professionals in olfactory marketing, our team offers you its expertise, experience, and mastery of luxury codes. From creating the olfactory identity to designing the product, we handle the entire creative process for a unique, artisanal, and precious result, in your image. Projects with flair, objects with character: imagine the emotion such a gift could bring to your clients. And contact us - if you feel inspired - to imagine together a scented gift that reflects you.

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