Collaborations, Portraits, Interviews...
Quintessence Paris unveils the behind-the-scenes of its perfumed encounters. 

Collaboration Sthéphane Bern

For this inaugural edition, Stéphane Bern takes us into his perfumed reflections to create his Collège Royal line. A collaboration where fragrance and history converge in the love of heritage.

Stepping through the doors of Maison L'OBJET is immersing oneself in a sensory experience that engages all aspects of perception. Maxime Touillet guides us through this universe where every detail becomes a note in the symphony of the senses.

In the heart of Batignolles, Tranché bakery tantalizes the taste buds and enlivens the senses. Its exquisite aromas weave an olfactory symphony, much like subtle perfumes blend to create a unique fragrance. Each scent tells a story, each whiff transports to a universe of flavors. 

Collaboration Sthéphane Bern

In this immersive video, Theresa Révay invites us to embark on a sensory journey through her latest work dedicated to fragrance. The book delicately explores family heritage, love, and transmission through scents, perfectly embodying the evocative title "Ce parfum rouge."

Collaboration Sthéphane Bern

In this exclusive olfactory interview, we delve into the fragrant universe of Theresa Révay. The author unveils her intimate thoughts on the perfumes and scents that have shaped her life. Get ready to be transported on a sensory journey through Theresa's memories and emotions.

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