A Fragrance that Reflects Your Identity…

"How can a perfumer create something that truly reflects our DNA? Do they also have marketing expertise?" Your questions are entirely valid! Embarking on the creation of your olfactory footprint is like setting off on a journey into unknown territory, filled with a breath of boldness and a touch of uncertainty.

Perfumery is infused with secrets, and we are here to reveal a few! Let's start by exploring a crucial step in the creation of a fragrance at Quintessence Paris that you may never have heard of and that will likely dispel some of your doubts.

A scent of suspense, a drumroll, the curtain rises, and you find yourself face to face with our fragrance designer, ready to satisfy your curiosity!

…Thanks to the Expertise of Our Perfume Specialist

What makes Hortense's job unique? It blends marketing, commerce, and perfumery. If you choose to entrust a project to Quintessence Paris, you will likely have the chance to interact with her. She is the intermediary between the perfumer and you. Bilingual, she speaks your language as well as that of the Nose, whom she advises and guides according to your request. She will decipher your expectations and reinterpret them to the perfumer through an adjusted brief and suitable vocabulary. She will also help you define the type of fragrance that best suits the chosen medium and its purpose (interior fragrance or skin perfume).

Evaluation: A Critical Step

The key step she is responsible for is evaluation. Before proposing an initial idea to you, she evaluates the palette of notes offered by the perfumer. Several criteria may be considered: your identity and directives, the quality and intensity of the notes, the price, availability, perception, trends… This filtering work ensures that the olfactory path taken by the perfumer meets your request, achieving the desired result more quickly and efficiently.

The Power of Olfactory Marketing

Often overlooked, the evaluation process is essential. The bridge it builds between the nose and the mind leads to a heartfelt connection. And this connection, your olfactory signature, in turn, bridges the concrete and the abstract. The perfumed object, in its materiality – the juice and the bottle – has the power to tell your identity, your story, and your values. A power it owes in part to the decoding work done by our perfume specialist.

Now that you know more about this insightful profession and our entire creative process, are you eager to dive in? Don't let your ideas stagnate, contact us!

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