Citrus fruits, fragrant treasures cultivated over the centuries, continue to captivate perfume enthusiasts with their inimitable freshness.

An Essential Family: The Hesperides

Cultivated for centuries, citrus fruits continue to captivate perfume enthusiasts with their inimitable freshness. They belong to the Hesperides family, an olfactory family whose name originates from Greek mythology. The Hesperides were nymphs who guarded a sacred garden containing golden apples. These precious and coveted fruits were actually citrus fruits, renowned for their enchanting scent and golden glow.

Perfumers were inspired by this legend to name the fresh, sparkling, and slightly woody notes of citrus, and it was no accident. Lemon, grapefruit, orange, bergamot, mandarin, petitgrain, and sweet lime are among the olfactory treasures that give perfumes a touch of wonder.

Hesperidic notes are often used as top notes because they are very volatile and evaporate quickly. For better longevity on the skin, they are frequently combined with heart or base notes that have fixative properties, such as vetiver, white musks, and amber accords.

The Pinnacle of the Hesperides Thanks to Eau de Cologne

The Hesperides family, one of the oldest olfactory families, reached its pinnacle with the invention of Eau de Cologne in 1709. Created by Italian barber Gian Paolo Feminis, this iconic fragrance contains more than 25% citrus. Initially called "aqua mirabilis" (miracle water), it claimed to cure all ailments.

Napoleon’s enthusiasm for this water benefited Gian Paolo, who, with the help of his nephew Giovanni Maria Farina (Jean Marie Farina), marketed it with great success. Produced by the Farina family until 1862, the formula is now owned by Roger & Gallet. History shows us that citrus fruits have held a special place in perfumery for centuries. And something tells us their tangy reign is far from over.

What Citrus Will Bring to Your Olfactory Signature

Citrus essential oils, extracted by cold pressing, are prized in perfumery for their unique properties. According to aromachology, the study of the influence of scents on behavior, they energize and positively influence our mood:

Lemon: invigorating vivacity

Orange: warmth and sweetness

Grapefruit: subtle and modern bitterness

Bergamot: balance with its woody notes

Iconic Citrus Fragrances

Over time, perfumers have perfected the art of using citrus, creating fragrances that transcend the seasons. From refreshing summer perfumes to comforting winter compositions, citrus offers exceptional versatility. Here are some iconic examples: you might know some of them, and they might reinforce your desire to incorporate citrus into your next custom creation!

L’Eau d’Orange Verte d'Hermès :a delicate fusion of orange and mandarin embodying Mediterranean freshness.

Light Blue de Dolce & Gabbana : an energetic blend of Sicilian lemon and green apple, evoking the gentle breeze of the Italian coast.

Un Jardin sur le Nil d'Hermès : a floral composition with notes of grapefruit, mango, and lotus, inspired by Egyptian gardens.

Citrus at the Heart of Your Fragrance Project

Are you excited to invite citrus to the heart of your fragrance project? So are we! Contact us & let's create a fragrance that reflects your brand identity together.

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