According to recent studies, more than 86% of people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic suffer from an impaired sense of smell. The majority of these people experience anosmia at one time or another, or in other words, deprivation of their olfactory experiences, a real sensorial challenge that alters daily life.

Smell is the result of a nasal encounter between the odorous molecules that are carried in the wind and the ten million or so olfactory receptors that make up our olfactory system. These cilia of these cells, called neurons, can detect up to 10,000 different odours at extremely low concentrations. 

In the brain, the olfactory bulb receives nerve signals from the olfactory nerve, acting as a relay and "sorting centre" for messages before they reach the olfactory cortex. There, they are identified and associated with emotions, which explains why a scent has such a strong emotional impact on our lives.

H.O.S.M.I (Happy Olfactive Stimulation for Memory & Instinct) is a partnership between two perfumers who want to help people suffering from problems with their sense of smell. 

Their work led to the launch of an olfactory rehabilitation kit made in France. It contains six specially-formulated fragrances that help to re-educate our nasal cavity by boosting our olfactory neurons and numerous receptors, so that we can rediscover life’s pleasures.

These 100% natural essential oils have been selected for their strong emotional abilities: they revive powerful olfactory sensations and emotions. White thyme, lavender, ginger, coffee, spearmint and clove are featured.

A 12-week individual training programme is recommended, allowing the olfactory memory to be stimulated by working on the identification of odours. Simple and essential.

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