2022, Biodiversity
2022, Biodiversity

2022, Biodiversity


Our planet has lost 2/3 of its vertebrate population. Nevertheless, there are success stories: Five species are no longer endangered: the grey whale, the Steller sea lion, the white rhinoceros, Przewalski's horse and the golden lion tamarin. Let’s add more animals to this list by 2030!


10 years to keep history from passing us by, 10 candles to lead the way forward, «10TOGO»: a unique, exclusive and eco-designed experience.  This circular box is inspired by planet Earth and the candles it contains are metaphors for the planetary crises we face. 


Olfactory pyramid: Blackcurrant / Fig / Aromatic bouquet (Mint, Sage, Lavender, Laurel leaf) / Pine / Cypress / Fir balm / Cedar / Patchouli / Oakmoss


With this candle, you support the promotion of the Agenda through the work of the ELYX Foundation under the aegis of the FACE Foundation, recognised as a public service. The foundation works to promote the United Nations' values, including the 2030 Agenda, among the general public, school bodies and institutions. The 2030 Agenda was the first text signed, in 2015, by the 193 Member States of the United Nations that charted out a path to a fairer, more sustainable and safer world through its 17 Goals, 169 targets and 244 indicators.

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