Your perfume?
I don’t wear perfume! There used to be an amazing perfume for dogs, Oh My Dog, but unfortunately it doesn’t exist anymore! 

Your favourite scent?
The smell of fields in the morning as I run through them. 

A childhood scent?
The beach on the Contentin Peninsula where I was born. 

A cooking smell?
Mama Sandrine’s cooking! It smells so good! 

An unpleasant scent?
Hydroalcoholic gel. 

Your perfect perfume?
The perfume that I try to create when I drive around the countryside. 

The smell of a place?
The smell of the factory where Quintessence makes its candles. I love that place. It smells of liquid wax, infused with the building’s metal structure. 

A raw material that reflects you?
I prefer animal smells. I would say musk. 

Your role at Quintessence? 
I am the team’s mascot! 

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