Your perfume?
I don't wear any because I'm surrounded by perfumes all day long and I wouldn't be able to make a choice because there are so many that I love!

Your favourite scent?
Maquis. It’s a scent that changes according to the season.

A childhood scent?
My mother’s perfume: Fracas by Piguet

An unpleasant scent?

Your perfect perfume?
A scent that brings back memories.

The smell of a place?
A tack room. 

A cooking smell?
Bread in all of its manifestations: toast, cooked bread, sandwich bread...

A raw material that reflects you?
Ambroxan. I like its complex undertones. I like the sensuality of it. I like the fact that some people cannot smell it. It makes it almost mystical. 

Your role at Quintessence? 
Founder of Quintessence Paris, a highly fragrant role!

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