Expressed through the rare skill and precision of Nicolas Ouchenir, calligraphy takes on a meaningful artistic dimension. In his hands, art is conceptualised differently, a melting pot of classical and contemporary styles, emotions and senses, like an enlightened signature. The word “calligraphy” thereby becomes the herald which drives the project.

Thus, Quintessence and Nicolas merged their artistic talents to create an olfactory journey through twelve major cities that inspire Nicolas and influence our world.

A limited edition box set of 12 exclusive fragrances that reflect fascinating urban worlds accompanied by 12 drawings of these cities to capture this Odyssey.

Part of the calendar sales is donated to an association. Indeed, the candle, a symbol of hope and life, is easily linked to inspiring projects, such as that of the Toutes à l’école association, chaired by Tina Kieffer. Its mission is to offer a high level of education to vulnerable girls in order to provide them with freedom and dignity in their future professions. In Cambodia, the Happy Chandara School currently has 1,400 students with 100 new enrollees each year.

Paris is infused with the smell of carnations, reflecting a Parisian’s love of colourful flowers, especially those that last a long time in a bouquet.

Tokyo takes on the olfactory aromas of Washi, a paper traditionally made in Japan since the 10th century.

At the crossroads between two seas, Istanbul meets with pieces of ambergris floating in its waters and originating from sperm whales: a buoyant gold with intense fragrant notes.

St. Petersburg sports an imperial leather coat. One of the finest leathers, it is renowned for its iconic fragrance, unique texture and astounding properties.

Lest we forget Cairo and its river valley brimming with oranges. A fresh and vibrant fragrance that keeps its inhabitants feeling refreshed in the summer heat.

The Blue City of Jodhpur reveals its spicy undertones with a fresh pepper that embellishes the already full-bodied dishes of India.